Ogee Skirting Board: Elegant Profiles for Sophisticated Spaces

Skirting boards are not only a practical element in an area, but they also include a decorative contact to it. These baseboards, also called basic molding, baseboards, or floor molding, offer a shield involving the floor and wall, protecting against problems and trying to hide unsightly gaps. They could also improve the artistic attraction of your place, adding a finishing touch into a room’s d├ęcor. But with the amount of varieties of skirting boards readily available, selecting the best one can be quite a daunting project. To aid, we’ve put together a total help guide to skirting boards, covering up everything you need to know!

Types of Skirting Boards

Before selecting a skirting board, it’s essential to understand the variety you require. Here are among the most common components that skirting boards are made of:

a) MDF skirting boards

architraves are the most popular sort of skirting boards, due to their value and flexibility. They are manufactured from a combination of wood fabric and artificial resin, which can be compressed produce a dense, sleek board.

b) Hardwood skirting boards

Timber skirting boards certainly are a traditional selection for those looking for a conventional and chic option. Offered in various timber varieties, they may be elegant and durable.

c) PVC skirting boards

PVC skirting boards are an excellent selection for those searching for a water resistant solution, including in bath rooms and the kitchen. Also, they are easy to keep clean and maintain.

d) Aluminum skirting boards

Metallic skirting boards are becoming more popular then ever in contemporary interior decorating. They are streamlined and minimalistic and therefore are usually created from aluminium.

Skirting Board Styles

Skirting boards are available in an enormous selection of styles, from minimalistic to ornate patterns. Some frequent variations incorporate:

a) Ogee

The Ogee skirting board is actually a popular option due to the stylish, curved design. It is an outstanding selection for standard or period of time houses.

b) Torus

The torus skirting board features a round best plus a concave underside, building a delicate yet sophisticated depth.

c) Bullnose

The bullnose skirting board comes with a round leading along with a smooth bottom, so that it is a favorite selection for contemporary and contemporary decorations.

d) Chamfered

The chamfered skirting board incorporates a beveled advantage, building a clean and straightforward seem.

Skirting Board Height and Sizing

The height of your skirting board is a vital style aspect to take into consideration. The regular size for skirting boards is just about 120mm-150mm, but they could be tailor made to match any place size. A broad principle is always to match the size in the skirting towards the door frame size within the room.

Selecting the best size for your skirting board is also essential. To get a more conventional appear, a wider skirting board is usually recommended. For the modern and sleek look, a narrower skirting board is a lot more correct.

Skirting Board Installing

Setting up skirting boards might be a DIY task, but it’s always recommended to utilize an experienced carpenter to ensure an easy and-good quality finish off. Just before installing, make sure the wall surfaces and flooring are properly equipped and sanded lower. When the panels have been in location, complete any spaces within the edges and edges with caulk. Then yellow sand, prime, and fresh paint or spot the skirting boards to accomplish the design.


Skirting boards are an essential element in any property, delivering both a functional and ornamental function. Considering the variety of types, styles, and measurements readily available, it’s important to decide on the correct one for your personal room. Take into account the materials, type, level, and installing approach when deciding on the perfect skirting board for yourself. No matter if you choose a standard or modern seem, a nicely-preferred skirting board could be the last touch in producing your ideal area.