Dr Julian Sargon-Ungar: How Can Physical Therapy Help In Pain Management?

Among non-drug remedies for pain management, physical therapy emerges as a reliable and sustainable solution. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain from a health condition, or recuperating from an injury, physical therapy offers multiple benefits as an effective pain-management strategy. Dr Julian Sargon-Ungar will discuss how physical therapy can help manage pain effectively.

Physical Therapy: A Natural Pain Solver

Physical therapy emphasizes the body’s natural healing abilities. That’s because it is using techniques to restore movement and function to the body, alleviate pain, and prevent disability. Therapies may include manual therapy (hands-on treatments), exercise, and various physical modalities like heat, cold, or electrical stimulation.

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain

When the pain becomes chronic, a physical therapist (PT) can help in several ways. For one, PTs can help patients understand the root cause of their pain and develop a comprehensive management plan.

Other than that, specific exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility, and stability can help reduce pain in the long term. Lastly, PTs can teach you how to improve your posture and alleviate unnecessary strain on your body.

Physical Therapy Following Surgery or Injury

After surgery or injury, pain can be a significant obstacle to recovery. Physical therapy can help promote healing quickly and effectively. Therapeutic exercises and manual techniques can accelerate the healing process, reduce pain, and prevent scar tissue formation.

PTs can also help regain strength, mobility, and coordination following an injury or surgery. And by teaching proper body mechanics and providing recommendations for home exercises, PTs can help prevent future injuries.

Physical Therapy for Specific Conditions

And lastly, physical therapy can be beneficial for a variety of specific conditions. PTs can provide treatments to relieve stiffness and improve mobility in neck and back areas. Dr Julian Sargon-Ungar Physical therapy can also help manage arthritis pain by maintaining joint health, flexibility, and strength. Lastly, through nerve gliding exercises, physical therapists can help manage physical pains often caused by nerve damage.